About us

Malvasia Secco Frizzante 2000
Attestato di merito al Palio dei
vini Frizzanti Matilde di Canossa

Malvasia Secco Frizzante 2002
Menzione sulla "Guida al vino quotidiano 2004"
Slow Food editore.

Our farm

The company is named after the village located in the town of Ziano Piacentino, Piacenza in the heart of wine growing. The territory, which is strongly suited to viticulture, is formed by rolling hills that follow one after another. The company is at a altitude of about 220 m above sea level, the winter is not too hard but it allows the screws to satisfy their need of cold and snow allow to replenish underground aquifers.

Summer is hot and dry, temperatures are quite high but the nights remain cool, This allows for grapes with high sugar content and rich in polyphenols and aromatic substances.

The company is composed of 16 hectares of land fully cultivated with vineyards, divided into several fields located near the cellar.

Our Cellar

The winery has a capacity of about 4600 HL, is made ??vats of different types: concrete, steel and fiberglass. This allows us using the different tanks for optimum aging of wine.

The winery, along with several types of filters and pumps for transfer of the wine during pouring, is equipped with a refrigeration unit that allows us to control the temperature of the wine during the different phases and hence to obtain quality wines.