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The wineryRossi has ancient origins: it was Giuseppe Rossi at the end of 1800 to build the house and the company in Abundance. At that time it was a typical farm with fields of wheat and grass, the barn with the cattle, and of course the vineyards. At the time, table grapes and vine cuttings of different varieties of grapes grown in Piacenza.

It was then with Aldo, the last of 10 children of Joseph, which the company began to produce wine. Were planted the first vineyards of wine grapes, was built the first part of the basement and we started making wine from the grapes produced. The wine was sold almost everything in the tank to other wineries and a part in carboy to private customers.

Another step the company takes Francis (the successor to Aldo) and graduate of the oenological school in Alba in 1970, directs the production more and more towards quality. The farm is transformed into a winery, all the land is now covered with vineyards for the production of wine grapes and the winery was expanded and provided with equipment to produce quality wine. It's always Francis began selling fine wine not only in product but also in carboy bottles.

Since 2009, working full time in the company of his son Francis, Conrad, who graduated from Catholic University of Piacenza, has decided to continue the work of his predecessors and to continue the Winery Rossi.

Today, the company can guarantee a short chain, making wine the grapes of our vineyards and selling wine directly to consumers. You can buy our wine directly from the winery or order it and let you deliver at home, either in bottle or carboy.